Berserk episode 2 review: Whip It Good

Episode 2 of Berserk, “The Holy Iron Chain Knights,” begins with our hero surrounded by the Holy Iron Chain Knights, a group with an intimidating name but a somewhat underwhelming pedigree.

Despite their threatening appearance at the end of episode 1, it turns out the Knights are not much more than a dumping ground for itinerant rich kids who don’t want to fight, much like the National Guard during the Vietnam War for America’s young scions of wealth.

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re zero

Daily Links: Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Hapless nerd/parallel word saga Re:Zero has been voted best new anime of the Spring 2016 season. – Anime News Network

I’m old but don’t have a damn clue what the Line app is, but here’s some awesome Studio Ghibli stickers for it. – RocketNews

Japanese politicians are using manga to entice young people to vote. The Mirror doesn’t go for broad stereotypes at all in reporting this. Nosiree. – The Mirror

Ever wanted to know the history of “anime eyes’? Pokemon illustrator Naoki Saito has you covered. – RocketNews

chogokin voltron

Soul of Chogokin Voltron punches its way to SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is bearing down on fandom like a freight train, but nestled amongst the movie props, studio hucksters and comic book hopefuls will be Bandai with a very special bit of kit…the Soul of Chogokin Voltron.

The company has released a cool photo with the highly-anticipated model complete with the tagline “the wait is over.” It’s a safe bet Bandai (at Booth #3545) will get swamped by Voltron fans and this little number will sell out quickly.


Daily Links: Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Here’s a dose of daily links for your edification!

Godzilla will make his first anime appearance ever (forgetting about his cameo in Daicon III’s opening animation) in, of all things, Crayon Shin Chan… Dread Central

Bounteous cosplay from Anime Expo for your visual enjoyment…Los Angeles Times

Netflix streams “Little Witch Academia,” which began life as a short… Anime News Network

and file this under (excluding Ghost in the Shell) “yeah sure, Hollywood, we’ve heard this song before” as plans are suppoedly underway for several new anime to live action film adaptations. MoviePilot

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